I worked as a Manager in the sales world for over ten years.  When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew that I needed to change my career direction so that I could be home every night because the industry I was in was very demanding.  It was a chance for me to reflect on what I am truly passionate about. I have always loved photographing people and I knew I wanted to learn more.  While on maternity leave I took post secondary classes on photography and started developing my photography skills.

I found that I absolutely love being around children and babies; their tiny adorable features.  I want to capture those moments since babies/children are small for such a short amount of time. I love taking that feeling of all encompassing love and putting it into a bottle.  So I started to specialize in maternity, newborn and family photography.

Want to know more?

I am terribly clumsy. I have just accepted it and I can laugh at myself now. Don’t worry though, I am extra careful with children/babies. I am very close with my mom and she also shares my passion for photography. You may meet her if you book with me!  Family is extremely important to me, and my favourite thing to do is be around them and of course eat huge meals.

There it is. I am a simple woman, and I love to laugh. Come laugh with me.

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